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Limulus HPC 100
Personal Cluster Workstation

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$5,495.00 each

9 Month Limulus SupportInformation
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!! Now shipping with i5-6500 Skylake processors and DDR4 memory

A Cluster When You Need One, An Efficient Workstation When You Don't

The Limulus™ Personal HPC workstation provides industry leading price-to-performance with a personal low power and noise profile. The Limulus Model 100 (with Skylake processors) can deliver 658.3 GFLOPS of double precision CPU performance (as measured by HPL Benchmark using 10GbE) in a quiet and cool desk-side workstation package. Each Limulus packs four standard Micro-ATX motherboards into a standard PC case supported by a single high efficient powersupply (one wall plug).

Power to the three worker nodes is controlled by the master using a simple software interface. Each of the additional nodes can be powered-on when needed by the user or by the resource scheduler. At idle, with nodes off, a Limulus consumes a mere 60 Watts of power.

"Day One, Ready To Run" Turn-key Powerhouse With Support

Each Limulus comes with a fully installed Linux HPC cluster software stack. The system is ready for use on first "power-up." There is no other configuration needed other than user/site customization. All Linux software is fully open source (SRPMS available), integrated, and upgradable (via YUM/RPM). Each system comes with on-board basic documentation which is supplemented by an on-line manual. The fully configured system includes:

  • Node management with pdsh and whatsup
  • Includes simple node power control commands
  • Node log management and replication using rsyslog
  • Automatic ssh key generation and propagation of users accounts on nodes
  • NAT configured on nodes for full LAN/Internet access
  • Environment Modules are automatic preserved (or cleared) across node logins
  • Email from nodes, used by scheduler
  • Complete Open Grid Scheduler (SGE) ready to run configuration
  • Full Ganglia integration (including processor temperatures)
  • Local On-line documentation (example)
  • Web based Limulus Manual

A full year of Return to Depot hardware and 90 day software support is included with each system. Additional software support is available.


  • Number of processors: 4
  • Processor Model/Speed: i5-6500 CPU Skylake (3.20GHz, 6MB cache, 65 Watts)
  • Number of Motherboards: 4 Micro ATX, one has full access (Intel Z170M), three are embedded (Intel Z170M) with front panel access
  • Embedded Motherboard Front Panel Access: USB, video, power switch
  • Number of cores: 16
  • Memory (non-ECC): 64GB DDR4 - 16GB/motherboard (Upgrade to 192GB Upgrade)
  • Video: Intel HD Graphics 530
  • Performance: 480.2 GFLOPS using 1GbE (658.3 GLOPS using 10GbE)
  • SSD storage: 250 GB (MLC)
  • Spinning Storage: 2x3TB (6TB raw)
  • Removable 3.5" Drive Bays: Four Tray-less (two used)
  • Interconnect: Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE Option)
  • Internal Ethernet Switch: 8 Port 1000BT
  • External Ports: GbE, DVI-D, RGB, HDMI, 1xUSB-C, 4xUSB-3/2, 2xUSB-2/1.1, eSATA, 7.1 Audio, PS2 Kbd Mse
  • Power Supply: 850 Watts
  • Power cord: Single
  • Idle Power Main: 60 Watts
  • Idle Power All Nodes: 102 Watts
  • Full Load Power All Nodes: (HPL): 320 Watts
  • Price Performance (HPL): $11.44 /GFLOPS
  • Power/Performance: 0.67 Watts/GFLOPS
  • Operating System: Scientific Linux 6.7 (Kernel 4.3.0)
  • installed Software: Basement Supercomputing HPC Stack
  • Dimensions: 9x23.25x24.25 (inches);22.9x59x61.6 (cm)
  • Weight: 50 pounds; 22.7 kg

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