Basement Supercomputing

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July 18, 2017: All kinds of changes and new products! First, all Limulus systems now come in larger more "movement friendly" cases (they are on castors). The new cases also have lots of room and hinged doors that make internal access a snap. We have also upgraded to Kaby Lake processors (basically a small clock bump). Second, in addition to our HPC and Hadoop systems, we have introduced a Deep Learning Limulus that has two NVidia GTX 1080Ti GPUs on two separate motherboards connected by 10 GbE (more efficient for distributed Tensor Flow). The other big news is the introduction of our Limulus Work Group Big Data Appliance. These appliances are double the size of the basic Limulus (work groups systems have 8 motherboards) and still maintain the exceptional noise/heat/power/performance envelop provided by all Limulus systems -- and it still uses one power supply and one wall receptacle. We will be expanding our eight node work group systems to support HPC and DL in the very near future.

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