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February 3, 2016: The latest HPL benchmark for the Limulus Model 100 (i5-6500, 64GB total system memory) produced 480.2 double precision CPU GFLOPS. With a starting price of only $5495.00 this performance is fast approaching the $10/GFLOP mark. Equipped with new the Skylake processors and DDR4 memory, all Limulus models now offer double the memory capacity of previous models -- up to a maximum of 256 GB. Update 1: February 8, Limulus Model 100 with the 10-Gigabit Ethernet option hits 658.3 double precision CPU GFLOPS. Update 2: March 21, Limulus model 200, (i7-6700, 128 GB total system memory) achieves 592.5 double precision CPU GFLOPS using HPL and 1 GbE (640.4 GFLOPS using 256GB total system memory). Benchmark details and raw data can be found on the Limulus Project page.

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