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Model 1302: Additional SSD


Additional HDFS storage for Limulus Hadoop Model 1302

Increase the total amount of HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) storage for Limulus model 1302. By default all eight node Limulus Hadoop systems use a replication factor of three. This value can be changed at any time. The table provides the additional amount of usable HDFS storage using 3X replication.

Upgrade-Size SSD-Size Drives Additional-Drives/Motherboard Endurance Usable-at-3X-Replication
8 TB 1 TB 8 1 600-TBW 2.7 TB
16 TB 2 TB 8 1 1200-TBW 5.3 TB
32 TB 4 TB 8 1 2400-TBW 10.7 TB
The upgrade includes four SSD drives (high endurance, V-NAND 3-bit MLC memory) that are inserted into the SSD drive cage on the front of the Limulus system. One drive is connected to each of the four internal motherboards. Drives come pre-configured and ready for insertion. The Ambari web interface is used to tell Hadoop HDFS about the new drives. This upgrade can be purchased with a Limulus system or in the future. It requires adding four SSD drives to the existing SSD cage.

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