Basement Supercomputing

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Software for Limulus HPC Systems

The following list of basic HPC cluster RPMS are included in the Basement Supercomputing software stack. All software is open source (SRPMS available). The base distribution is built on CentOS 7 and OpenHPC. All files are available through the Basement Supercomputing repository.

The entire suite of libraries, tools, and utilities has been integrated using the Modules package. Further information and installation configuration tips can be found in the On-line Manual (part of the Cluster Documentation Project)

  • CentOS Linux V7 - RHEL work alike distribution
  • OpenHPC - Base cluster tool-set that includes some of the following
  • GNU Compilers (gcc, g++, g77, gdb) - Standard GNU compiler suite
  • Modules - Manages user environments
  • ATLAS - host tuned BLAS library
  • OpenBLAS - optimized BLAS library (previously Goto library)
  • FFTW - Optimized FFT library
  • FFTPACK - FFT library
  • LAPACK and BLAS - Linear Algebra library
  • ScaLAPACK - Scalable Linear Algebra package
  • PetSc Scalable PDE solvers
  • GNU GSL - GNU Scientific Library (over 1000 functions)
  • PADB - Parallel Application Debugger Inspection tool
  • Julia - Easy To use high performance parallel scientific language
  • Userstat - a "top" like job queue/node monitoring application
  • Beowulf Performance Suite - benchmark and testing suite
  • relayset - Power relay control utility (Limulus Only)
  • ssmtp - Mail forwarder for nodes

Software for Limulus Hadoop Systems

All Hadoop systems are installed with freely available versions of Apache Hadoop/, Spark, Kafka, Zeppelin and more packages. Systems come turnkey ready to run with complete HDFS file system.

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