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Rack Cabinet (18U)

$745.00 each

Basement Supercomputing

Limulus 18U rack cabinet for rack-mount Limulus systems chassis. Holds up to four (4) Limulus rack-mount cases with room for optional 10GbE switch. Includes 1U PDU unit and requires a single wall outlet (cord ~4.5 ft in length). One to three Limulus chassis require 15A service. Four Limulus chassis require 20A service (either 5-20P or L5-20P) Contact Basement Supercomputer for other options including whole rack UPS.

The Limulus rack-mount cabinet is intended for small office/lab non-data center areas where heat/noise and power are a concern. (It can be placed in a data center). Cabinet outside dimensions are 35.60"H x 23.60"W x 33.60"D (90.5cm x 60cm x 85.3cm) The cabinet will accommodate systems up to 31" (78.7cm) deep, is compatible with EIA-310 compliant equipment, and supports a total load capacity of 450 kg (992 lb.).