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Model 452: Base HDD (HDFS)

<BR />Model 452: Base HDD (HDFS)

Additional HDFS spinning storage for Limulus Hadoop Model 452

This option is for Model 452 where all storage for HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) uses spinning hard drives (instead of faster SSD drives). This option allows for much more raw storage using bigger (and slower) disk drives. The current maximum is 112 TBytes (TB) of HDFS storage for Model 452.

The base amount of storage for HDFS on Limulus model 452 is 32 TB (one 8 TB Drive on each of four nodes). This option replaces the default amount with either 48 or 56 TB of storage. The prices for the increased base system storage are incremental over the cost of the standard 32TB

By default all four node Limulus Hadoop systems use a replication factor of two. This value can be changed at any time. The table provides the additional amount of usable HDFS storage using 2X replication.

Upgrade-Size (Raw) HDD-Size Drives Additional-Drives/Motherboard Warranty Usable-at-2X-Replication
32 TB* 8 TB 4 1 5-year 16 TB
48 TB 12 TB 4 1 5-year 24 TB
56 TB 14 TB 4 1 5-year 28 TB
* standard amount of storage in base system (included in system price)

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