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December 1, 2017: The entire Limulus product line now has more cores! The new Intel Coffee Lake processors provide 6-cores of processing power. This update means all Limulus HPC and Hadoop systems have at least 24 cores! The large systems have 48 cores (plus and equal number of threads)! The prices are about the same as our previous Kaby Lake (4-core) systems (most price increases are do to the cost of memory). To accommodate more cores, the clock speeds are a bit lower, but processor caches are bigger and the DDR4 memory is now running at 2666 MHz. Check out all the system details on the products page. Two things to note about the updates. First, the Xeon ECC options still use 4-core processors, we are waiting on Intel for updates. Second, the availability of Coffee Lake i5 and i7 processors has been quite poor (due to Intel marketing games). This situation is expected to get better in the first quarter of 2018. We will ship systems as the processors become available (we have Coffee lake processors in house for testing and are delivering our first Coffee Lake systems this month). Order now to get one of the these new systems in the new year!

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